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Whether you want to be king of the streets or just want to appreciate your ride with some upgraded performance we can help with that. You want more horsepower? No problem we work with many companies to take all of the guess work out of finding the right parts to make the right power where you want it.


We offer full suspension service whether you want coilovers, lowering springs, sway bars, control arms, subframe bushings. Even if your not sure what you need you can make an appointment to come in and have one of our qualified technicians look over your vehicle and give you some suggestions on where you should start with your suspension modifications.


So you want to take your car to the track and want to stiffen up the suspension and chassis. We can take care of that for you. More power? We can take care of that too. Just talk to one of our specialists and we can get your car ready for race day. If you need a tech inspection we can look over your vehicle and flush your brake fluid so you are ready for race day sunday.


A lot of vehicles these days are being produced with Direct Injection. It helps the engine run more efficiently but at a cost. By injecting fuel directly into the cylinder fuel now is not sprayed over the back of the intake valves and the small amounts of oil and carbon that gets by the PCV system or your aftermarket oil catch can now builds up on the back of the intake valve. That can cause a misfire and many other rough running conditions.


We specialize in BMW M cars and along with that many engines that came in these M cars are prone to Rod Bearing failure. This was due to the tight bearing clearances from the factory. Whether you have an S54 or S65 powered M3 or and S85 powered M5 or M6 we can take care of your vehicles bottom end to ensure you are safe in your travels.

Along with our M cars we also specialize in the new generation of turbocharged BMWs. If you want to single turbo your N54 or hybrid turbo your N54 or N55 or S55 we can help you with that. We love forced induction here at Woodward Motorsport and if you want to turn up the boost well.... so do we!

We also provide many other services including Valve Cover Gaskets, Oil Pan Gaskets, Tune-ups, Brake services, Clutch services, Differential services. We could sit here and name them all but no one wants to read that much. If you have something on your mind we are sure we can make it happen.

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